Blue Granite LIVE LOOK

Blue Granite promises to provide its customers with accurate, up-to-date preservation data regarding their properties. We’re able to fulfill this promise with our new program: Blue Granite Live Look. This allows our customers the ability to view and monitor their properties in real-time.

What is Blue Granite Live Look?

Live Look is a new service from Blue Granite Property Preservation Services that enables our customers to view and monitor their properties in real-time.

LiveLook Property Cam

With Live Look Property Cams, customers can view the condition of their property, monitor who is visiting the property, and address any issues at the property as it is happening.

LiveLook Vendor Cam

With Live Look Vendor Cams, customers can view maintenance taking place at the property, monitor the progress of preservation projects, and address maintenance and preservation issues as they come.

How does Blue Granite Live Look work?

Live Look Property Cams and Vendor Cams provide clients a live stream from their property directly to their desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device with the use of a cellphone and data plan/wifi. In addition, recordings are sent to Blue Granite’s headquarters and are available on demand.

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